Friday, December 3, 2010

What Would JC Do?

I'm sure a lot of personal websites are prey to bouts of pomposity. It's always a risk for those sites that are created with a "hey, you might be interested in me" kind of message. I don't doubt for a minute that has some in there somewhere so I don't bring this to your attention with any feeling of superiority... it just made me chuckle.

So... Jackie Collins - the publishing phenomenon and sister of Joan - has a website. On her website there's an autograph-request-form. You have to fill in your name and address and so on and, if you like, you can send a comment along with your request.

But maybe not everyone that wants Jackie's autograph has her easy way with words. Maybe there are some people who get a bit flustered when faced with that comments box because they don't know how to express whatever it is they want to say.

Well that's okay because Jackie thinks of everything. She's read your mind. She knows exactly what you want to say. Or at least her web designers do. They've kindly added a pre-written, suggested message for you. Lovely.

PS: I'm always wary about including a link like this in case people decide to use it to send messages. Play nicely people.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this
To be fair I am not sure why you want her autograph if you didn't love her books.

Dave Gorman said...

I agree. But even if someone does love her books, having Jackie decide that the message they want to send her is "I love your books!" still seems a little odd.

Someone telling her they love her books is one thing. Her telling that person they love her books, quite another.

The fact that people almost certainly do love them is almost irrelevant. There's just something a bit gauche about thinking, "what do I reckon people would want to send me... ah yes, 'I love your books'... no... that doesn't quite convey how much they love them... I know.. I'll add an exclamation mark too...yep, that's more like it. Now, the imaginary person who'll be writing to me really loves my books!"

Madmurphy3 said...

I'm sure anyone asking for an autograph must love her books, however how much of an over inflated ego must you have to put something like this on your web page.

However, the idea of comment boxes which are pre-filled could almost be called genius

Rob Haines said...

I think you're missing a trick here, Dave. How about setting your contact page default to:

"Oh wow, I didn't know your new DVD was out! Please send me 50 copies at £14.99 each so I can give them to all my friends for Christmas."

Guaranteed bestseller.

Dee's Diary said...

Ha. Your having posted this begs the question: Are you a fan of the lovely Jackie, and were you after an autograph?

ps. I love your books!

whoisthechallenger said...

Oh, you are kidding me... Only last week I paid 100 bucks on some random US website for a Guaranteed, Certified Autograph of Jackie Collins!

And all I had to do was ask nicely?! I cannot believe it. Thanks Dave. Thats ruined my day...

Weelula said...

I love the 'She'll keep you up all night' comment. Brilliant!! You could add something similar to help plug the new stand up DVD on your website Dave....Maybe 'He'll keep you sat down for a bit'.