Saturday, April 16, 2011

Screen Guild 2

My new monthly show - Dave Gorman's Screen Guild - returns tonight. I really enjoyed the first one and I'm looking forward to night two.

I'm enjoying the pressure to come up with new stuff but it does make the day of the gig pretty labour intensive.

Because I'm doing these shows to experiment with stuff I couldn't do in regular clubs - stuff that involves the projector and screen - I build a new powerpoint presentation for each one so it isn't just sketching some ideas out in a notepad.

I doubt the audience from the first one will believe me but there were over 500 slides in the presentation for that show and there are likely to be more in this. That's because of the way I like to manipulate powerpoint to make things arrive, disappear and make the audience all (hopefully) see the same detail at the same time.

It makes the day of the show very busy because no matter what's already been planned and what's written on the day the visual side of it can't really be built and structured in advance. But I'm enjoying it. In fact it turns out to be a good way of focussing the mind. I have a very visual memory and I find that not only do I write more when I'm putting the presentation together but that it's a little easier to keep it in my head too.

I've got some great guests lined up for tonight (there are four each show) but there's no point going into detail as it's sold out. (It is a smallish venue) But there are tickets available for the next three if you fancy coming along: details here.


Emma Spreadbury said...

There's quite a big part of me that would like to get my hands on that 500 slide ppt to see what you've done with it.

A good majority of the students I teach find it easier to present information in a slide show rather than word processed. Same content, but being able to break it up visually (and put in little animations and transitions) just works for them.

And it works brilliantly for story writing; being faced with a blank slide is a whole lot less scary than a blank piece of paper. And you can't add video and sound to a piece of paper.

Ain't tech grand! If it can help people communicate their ideas, this can only be a good thing.

Stephanie Clackworthy said...

This sounds great - but what channel's it airing on? I've managed to miss it successfully for nearly two months!

Dave Gorman said...

@Stephanie: It's not airing on any channel! It's a live show with new material from me and guest acts I trust. The link in the first sentence takes you to a page that explains it in greater detail.