Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Father's Day

It's Father's Day today. Don't forget to send your old man a card.

Oh... and your Grandad. Don't forget to send your old-old man a card either. You know... everyone gets a card for Grandad on Father's Day don't they? Yeah. Of course they do. Nothing weird about that.

And don't forget Great-Grandad either. You must get your old-old-old man a card too.

When did this start happening? How have I missed it til now? What?


Unknown said...

If Great Granddad has two children, each with two children, and their two children each have two children, Great Granddad is getting 14 various cards today instead of two.

No idea how Clinton Cards is going bust with genius ideas like that.

Anonymous said...

We have always sent our grandads a card on fathers day.
So I suppose it's been a 'thing' for at least 30 years in my family!

Paul said...

Presents are apparently deemed "normal" these days too. And been nice to said dad. Crazy.

davweb said...

You've really on just scratched the surface of it here. Take a look at this:

Emma Spreadbury said...

I don't really know my dad, so at primary school I was made to make a Grandad's Day card. That was 20 years ago.

I suspect the rise in grandparents day cards roughly coincides with the recoginition and rise of the absent fathers!