Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Advice

Letterbox Mosaic, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

I like the website, Letters of Note. They dig out some amazing correspondence from some amazing people. (For example, you might feel voyeuristic reading this but you surely won't feel unmoved. It's beautiful)

They have a twitter account which often points to interesting stuff too.

A couple of days ago, they linked to this blog by Brian Brushwood. In it he explains how, as a young man, he wrote to Teller - of Penn & Teller - asking for advice on finding his own voice as a magician.

Teller is generous with his wisdom. He replies. His reply is beautiful. It is also, very good advice. I've no doubt it's the best advice, not just for anyone who wants to be a magician - but for anyone who wants to perform at all. And probably for others too.

The next time someone asks me for advice about starting in stand up... I'm just going to send them this link. It says it far better than I would.

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