Friday, May 31, 2013

Life Is Good.

I'm bloomin' loving making Modern Life Is Goodish. The pace of the work is relentless (there were a couple of days last week when I had to work through the night in order to have things ready on time) but the end result has, so far, more than justified the means.

And, actually, I sort of enjoy working like that. Sort of.

One of the reasons the pace is so intense is that we record two shows in a night. We can do that because we're not following the usual TV practice of over-recording. We make two hour-long shows by filming for, um, about an hour. Twice. It's far more fun that way because the live audience gets to see a show, rather than feeling like props at the recording of some stuff that will one day be a show.

It also means that the series is nearly done and dusted. Two thirds of it is in the can, or at least, on a hard drive, already.  We've just got one pair of shows to go.

I'll be fine tuning the material at the Court Theatre in Tring next week - June 5, 6 and 10 - come along if you fancy it - and then the final recording is at the show's glorious home, The Tabernacle (above) on June 11th.


Pete Williamson said...

Hi Dave,

Should you tour this show elsewhere, what's the chances you could squeeze all your kit into the Tivoli theatre in Wimborne?
Go on, you know you want to....

Emma Spreadbury said...

I once saw Rodney Bewes taking a tinkle back stage at the Tiv. True story. I've been dinning out on that little gem for years.

We all really enjoyed the show(s) last Tuesday (our favourite bits were all different between us as well, which I'm sure is a good thing). Looking forward to seeing how it all chops together... although I imagine it will be fairly similar to how we saw it!

The Tabernacle, as beautiful as it was, are definitely missing something not serving food until 6pm when a someone such as yourself is in. We were starving and had to forage in the streets.

Dave Gorman said...

@Emma: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It should come out pretty close to what you saw without too many chops - that's a part of why I'm trying to not over-record: so that I can keep the flow intact for the TV.

@Pete: I love the Tivoli - and my stuff fits in there just fine. I know because I played there on the last tour. And on several before that. But this isn't a live show. It's a TV series. I'd love to take some of the material on the road but it's generally frowned on once it's been on the box. Of course, my usual mantra (I-don't-book-venues-they-book-me) also applies.

Arthur Osborne said...

Dave loved the show at Tring on the 10th , thought provoking and funny, also was very touched by your honesty and the Q&A afterwards keep up the great work ,and cant wait to see you on Celebrity apprentice so good luck with your screen test on that.