Sunday, August 24, 2014


I took a trip up to Edinburgh for the Book Festival on Friday - and my first book-reading for the new book. I'd forgotten how much I like doing book readings. It was great fun. I'm glad I had the opportunity to pop up to Edinburgh during the festival, however briefly. Some strings had to be pulled to make it happen, seeing as the book isn't actually published yet. If you bought a copy in Edinburgh... well, it's like you're time travelling when you read it. You're in the future. It's like it's September 4th, already. Imagine that!

Some nice people who know what they're doing with computers have made this tour of the front cover as a trail for the book...

... the phrase "pre-order" is lightly mocked at one point in the book (I'm pretty sure the word "order" covers it) but you can't fight the tide - so if you want to, um, pre-order it... you can do so here.

Oh... and if you fancy it, you can come along to Battersea Arts Centre for the book launch event on the 4th September

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