Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Amnesty International

The ebay auction I mentioned on May 1st that was raising money for Amnesty International ended today. I'm delighted to say that someone was prepared to shell out £310 for the photo of me. I think this has more to do with the skilful craft of top comedy snapper, Rich Hardcastle than it does me, but however it was raised, Amnesty is a great cause and you've got to be happy that they now have an extra few quid. Unless you're running an authoritarian regime and were fancying some human-rights-abuses in which case it might be a bit annoying.

I also mentioned in my last entry that I had recorded three segments for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart when I was last in New York and that one of them had been held back for use in a future show. Well, I received an e-mail earlier to tell me that it's in tonight's show. Of course, the tonight they were talking about was the American tonight. The show is broadcast the next day here in the UK. So, if you're in the US, my segment is in the show tonight (8th) on Comedy Central and if you're in the UK I'm on the show tomorrow night (9th) on More4.

If you live elsewhere I'm sure the clip will pretty soon be online alongside the other two here.

London to Brighton by bike. Total sponsorship so far: £6430.84.

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