Tuesday, May 2, 2006

A book I like...

What's this? Two books about American politics in a row? Yup. I think last year I spent more time in America than I did the UK so I suppose it's only natural that I find myself interested in the politics of the place.

In America this was published under the name What's The Matter With Kansas? but I guess someone from the UK publishers thought that wouldn't sell as well over here. But both titles make sense because while Frank is writing about Kansas he's using it as a paradigm for America on the whole. This book is Frank's attempt to explain how those on the Republican side of US politics use a moral agenda (that they fail to deliver) to persuade blue-collar Americans to vote against their own financial interests. The suggestion being that poor, working class Americans vote for a party that serves the interests of the rich and the powerful because of arguments about faith, abortion, gay marriage and the perceived attack on good old fashioned family values. My attempt to precis what it's about does it a disservice so I'll stop now. I guess your opinion on this book will depend on your political views to some extent but it's well written and passionate and I enjoyed it a great deal.

What's The Matter With America? (The Resistible Rise of the American Right) by Thomas Franks

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