Sunday, May 20, 2007


This afternoon I scored a goal at a Premiership football ground. It wasn't against a Premiership team and we weren't playing on a full size pitch but then that's not really important. What's important is that I. Scored. A. Goal. At. West. Ham.

Soccer six was a ridiculously enjoyable day out and while it's a charity event and nobody takes the games too seriously... it's impossible not to get competitive. Our team failed to qualify from our 4-team group - notching up a (disputed) 1-1 draw, a (luckless (honest)) 4-2 loss and a (should have done better) 3-1 win. To a man I think we all really wanted to get through if for no other reason than we wanted to play some more. Normally when I play on grass the pitch looks like it's been recently ploughed so there's a real joy in playing on such an amazing surface... I think everyone finds their passing-game is improved when the ball stays true on the turf. Maybe if our whole squad had turned up - we were without former pro Mickey Thomas for a start - it would have been different. Heigh and indeed ho.

Delighted to have been there, gutted to have gone out when we did. It was a nice goal though.�

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