Friday, July 13, 2007

Genius 6/6

So that's the third series of Genius done then. Well... it all needs to be edited but all six episodes are recorded.

I'm really pleased with the guest list again this year. I the guests have to come from different fields so that the show doesn't become predictable. My theory has always been that if you put all the guests from one series together they'd make a really good panel for Blankety Blank.

Matthew Wright, Rob Newman, Simon Munnery, Gyles Brandreth, Germaine Greer and Charlie Brooker. Now come on - you'd watch Blankety Blank if that was the line up. Professor Greer would have to go in the bottom right. You know, where the ditsy blonde always sat.

No. I wouldn't say that to her face.

On the way to the pub afterwards we found ourselves walking up Portland Place and arriving at a junction at the same time as a huge bunch of rollerbladers. There were loads of them. I'm useless at assessing numbers so I'll say there were between 50 and 200 of them. I had a small camera in my pocket and as the lights changed and they went thundering past I snapped this.

London Skaters, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

Quite a sight they were. Apparently the group goes skating round London every Wednesday night. If I could rollerblade I'd join them.


braxs said...

hmmm sounds rather dull really. Now I'd give a right arm (not my own of course) to see/hear some one interview Osama Binladen's son, that would be a show worth a 'Blankety Blank' name drop. Could be on to a winner him needing a visa reason and all?

Dave Gorman said...

I think you've mistaken might-be-an-interesting-interview with would-be-good-on-Blankety-Blank

Anonymous said...

Come join us.

Seriously; it's worth learning to skate just to see the incredulous faces of the tourists.