Tuesday, July 3, 2007


We had another great recording last night with the fabulous Gyles Brandreth in the guest's chair. The last time I met Gyles he called me a c*nt - but only because the writers on Annually Retentive thought it would be funny to subvert his nice guy image and have him play an absolute ogre instead. In the end I don't think the scene made it into the final cut because, no matter how much venom Gyles invested in the word, nobody ever watched it back and found it believable. His niceness just can't be scrubbed away with a mean stare and a very rude word... he really is just too nice.

And he was nice again last night. You add into the mix another bunch of supremely confident punters - including one who brought a scale model of his idea along with him - and it makes for a very enjoyable night all round. Although how Gyles and I ended up wrapped in a duvet together is another story. A memorable night for sure.

Photo: A man, a smile, a scale model of his "genius" idea and a scale model of the Genius trophy. (1:1 scale)


S said...

Ha... Welcome to blogging land, you were always a blogger on your news page but you just didn't want to admit it.

I started writing a blog a couple of months ago, I hope you find it to be as fulfilling an experience as I have.

Graham the Funky Aardvark said...

Actually, I think I prefer this blog to your domain name'd news page

Nice pics help the stories too :)

Good luck


Stuart Bell said...

Just a note to say, as a member of the audience for this week's recording, what a fantastic show it was. I was there with three friends, and all of us had an absolutely brilliant evening.

Thanks for some great entertainment -- am really looking forward to hearing the whole series later in the year!