Sunday, September 14, 2008


Seats, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

... for the overwhelming response on the logo front. I wasn't expecting so many people to respond. I wasn't really aware that so many people were reading. Maybe I should make more decisions this way. Next time I'm not sure which tie to wear I'll remember what a great resource this is. Anyway... ta.

If you want to see what decision we made you'll have to come to one of the studio recordings or wait for the broadcast.


Anonymous said...

And if anyone would like some tickets for see (the now Fully Booked!) Genius being recorded on the 9th October...I have 4 spare!

Get my e-mail address from my website and drop me a line if you're interested in 1, 2 3 or all 4 of them!


Anonymous said...

Just to update any interested parties - all the tickets for the 9th have been taken!


Unknown said...

If anyone wants to see the logo ahead of broadcast, its on the genius website...

good choice, I must say.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the one that was on there anyway, before Dave posted the other options? (It's the one I've got on my Genius pencil that I got from the "try out" evening aswell)

But its my favourite anyway, yay!

Anonymous said...

Me again - I've got one spare ticket for the 23rd Sept recording! Any interested parties?!

Janet said...

Dave, maybe you didn't realize how many people regularly read your blog!

We're here...!


Andrew Cooper said...

Would love to come to the recordings but have a sneaky feeling that the agency who handle the bookings don't want over 50 year olds at the performance.

Watch your step Gorman. Nice little blog you've got here. You wouldn't want to find youself know, Dave... grumbled at, would you.

We over 50s have had just about enough of being portrayed as morons in AOL ads (and in all other ads) and we're about to rise up and revolt.

I promise you kids, it isn't going to be pretty. Plus, we have more money than you do.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I have a spare ticket for Tuesday if you feel like fighting the power?!

Dave Gorman said...

@Andrew: there's no reason why we wouldn't want over 50s at the recordings. No reason at all. When I play live, I really like the mixture of ages that are in the audience. Years ago I did a gig in Manchester and met a father/daughter pair after the show. It was her birthday and I assumed her Dad had brought her along. I was wrong... they'd both come along independently and met in the lobby by accident. It turned out that she had watched my series in her room, assuming her Dad wouldn't get it because she thought it was "studenty"... while he was watching the same show in the living room thinking his daughter wouldn't get it because it was "literate". Each only discovered that the other appreciated it when they met by accident in a theatre lobby.

I don't feel like a "studenty" comic... the label always suggests lazy stand-up about weed-related-munchies and more scatalogical material and that's not really my thing. I make no conscious effort to try and target a particular age group... over 50s are welcome. I'll be one of them soon enough but I'll never be 18 again.