Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Night's News... and Christmas Genius

Cor, last night was exciting wasn't it? The world feels like a different place already. It's obvious the man's a born leader.

No doubt about it... not everyone could have slotted home that 95th minute penalty, salvaging a draw and leaving Liverpool top of the group. Now... I ought to check the news and see what happened in those elections they were having in Americaland. I hope that Obama chap won. The Palin lass scares me.

Now... Christmas.

Retro Christmas, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

I know it's only early November... but these things need to be planned.

We're going to make a Genius Christmas Special for Radio 4 soon... and it would be fabbo if the show was jam packed with seasonal ideas. So if you think you might be a genius and you have an idea that relates to the festive season - whether it's Christmas, Hanukah or simply something that'll make the New Year go with a swing - then get in touch by e-mailing the show on

If you fancy being in the audience... well, as I type this, free tickets are still available here.

The show will record on the evening of December 10th... see you there, yeah? Yeah? Great.


Anonymous said...

I hate to break it too you Dave but Gerrard is a massive cheat.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

All through work yesterday I was having the worst day ever. Mistakes, errors, other synonyms of 'fuck ups': you name it, I made it. Then, mid afternoon, I started reading the Guardian's minute-by-minute report (I'm a Liverpool lad in Canadaland, hence the time difference). As the first goal went in, I thought, "This is terrible. I'm having the worst day ever, I can't do anything right, Liverpool are losing...nothing about today is going to be good!"

Then I realised, with the way it was going, Obama was going to lose and it would be all my fault.

Thank God for Gerrard getting that goal in. Things started going well after that.

Anonymous said...

I've been conditioned to dislike Liverpool. Whenever MotD is on, a grumpy voice chirps up next to me "I effing hate Liverpool". Not sure why...

I was looking through your flickr page and was disappointed not to see a carved pumpkin this year.

So, yeah, your team is rubbish and you lack pumpkin.

Sam, sam, the hyde park man said...

As a Barnsley fan, I can naturally brag here that we beat you. However, as I want you to accept my genius idea, I shall let it drop.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the invite Dave, I've booked my tickets and doubly handy as I work around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Applied for tickets, fingers crossed...