Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Things (Part A)

I've split what was one post with two subjects... into two separate posts. Revisionism! Yes. That's right. Good isn't it? Only I wasn't expecting it to garner quite so much attention. The thing is, people were linking to the original post because of stuff I'd written about the Simon Singh legal case and it was confusing because they found me gushing about Misty's Big Adventure instead. I mean, I love MBA... but I wouldn't want someone to walk away from a debate about Freedom of Speech just because they thought they'd followed the wrong link or something.

So, what follows is the fun bit about MBA. The scary bit about Simon Singh being sued by the British Bhiropractic Association is in another post (Part B) if you're interested.

First: I've just discovered that Misty's Big Adventure are touring. They're aces. Here's one of their latest releases. Cool video too:

And here's another one. The fact that the two videos have a little relationship - so to speak - is just a lovely example of the attention to detail and joyful silliness that so endears this band to me. Ahhh.

Anyway... they're playing in Sheffield tomorrow, London on Thursday (hoo ha!) and then, with days off here and there they play in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Oxford, Norwich, Southampton, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham ending in Tunbridge Wells on June 12. If you can get to a gig, I highly recommend you do. If you can bear to look at a myspace page (I know, it's difficult) you can find more details here: myspace.com/mistysbigadventure.


Endless psych said...

Perhaps MBA could be tempted to write a campaign song for Mr Singh? Thus avoiding such rampant revisionism?

MBA's bogus chiropractic adventure EP anyone?

Mary said...

Thanks for posting these two videos Dave, I've really enjoyed them and they've brought a tear to my eye. There's something quite quite lovely and special about Misty's Big Adventure. You introduced me to them quite some time ago, and I'm very grateful. Off to wipe my eyes now...!