Friday, May 21, 2010

Absence of blog...

I haven't really been blogging much lately. I haven't really been on twitter either.

That's because I've been working silly hours on the new series of Genius and by the time I get home at night there's only really been time for sleep.

The show is going to look and feel very different to the first TV series and should see us getting through more ideas in each episode than we've ever managed before. But we'll see. On Monday. And again on Tuesday.

I won't be doing the radio show this week. After 21 days of working every day I need a couple of quiet days to prepare my head for the first recording on Monday. I'm looking forward to it. We have some great guests lined up for this series and while I haven't seen all the ideas our audience have sent in - and couldn't possibly remember all of those that I have seen - they are definitely a highly creative and inventive lot. It should be fun.


Emma Spreadbury said...

It was worth the effort. New format had better pace, and I much prefered the new set. The old set had far too much space in it! The only teensy tweeking bit I felt was the quickfire bit at the end; it was a bit... maybe not very slick. But I would put that down to untrained audience peeps maybe possibly not being fully briefed. Maybe. Possibly. But I'm sure it'll make more sense when the edit monkeys have done their thing.

Can't wait to see the series (in the Autumn schedule?)

Dave Gorman said...

Not sure when it will air. The quickfire thing is difficult when everyone naturally wants to explain their idea fully... but like you say, it will be quick in the edit.