Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If you read this on my actual blog (as opposed to the facebook page that automatically imports it) you might have noticed that there's a new link to the right advertising the new DVD.

You might also remember that a short while ago I discussed in this parish the fact that I wasn't going to call the DVD Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop & Stand Up because it wasn't what the show was about and it seemed to be more confusing than helpful.

Well, as you can see from the banner ad, the groundbreaking title we went with in the end was... Dave Gorman. Stand Up Live. Yep. Well, it ended up being one of those things where keeping it simple was probably best. And it is the first time I've done a straightforward stand-up DVD. (At least it is in my head where I don't think of Googlewhack Adventure as a stand-up show on account of it not being me-telling-jokes and stuff)

My Mum came into London today to help me out with one of the extras. I was asked if I'd do a commentary... which seems a bit odd for a stand-up show... so I thought I'd see if my Mum wanted to do a Mother's Commentary instead. Which is odder. The picture is us just before we started recording. I've no idea if it'll be of any interest to folks or not. We'll see.

I've stuck with the company that made the Are You Dave Gorman? DVD available because I like the cut of their jib. It means that, as with Are You Dave Gorman?, you won't see the DVD in the shops though. Instead, they've created a special storefront site for it here-->

There's no official release date as yet. That's because there's no way of knowing how long it takes to get it certificated etc. But it is available for pre-order right away and the intention is to just turn it around as soon as we can.

The cover will probably look a bit like this:

I do apologise for the marketingy nature of this post by the way. I know that when I added a picture of the DVD to my facebook page it upset at least one person who didn't like it for that reason. But then again, if you'd decided to release a DVD you'd probably tell people about it too. No point releasing the thing in secret now is there? And besides, look! Here's an old picture of what Mark E. Smith would look like if he wore my glasses:


Jayel Aheram said...

Do they do international shipping? I live in California.

Emma Spreadbury said...

That Guardian 'g' has reminded me... saw the Magic Numbers at V festival last weekend and lady bassist Magic Number had a 'g' on her bass guitar, and it was just like the Genius 'g'.

Is lady bassist Magic Number a bona fide genius?

Also, your face and voice was on rotation on the big screens before bands, in the form of this picture

and some chat about cycling with Boris Johnson.

Ooo, and yay on the DVD.

Anonymous said...

Mark E. Smith + Glasses = Arthur Smith

Must be a Smith thing... :-)

Dave Gorman said...

@Jayel: I don't honestly know. I expect so. I have asked that the DVD be region free but I haven't had 100% confirmation of it yet.

@Emma: I think that kind of depends on what you think of Magic Numbers basslines.

George Miles said...

Hello there, just a quick(ish) comment.

When I first skimmed past the picture I thought it would be an article about you interviewing Celebrity Masterchef finalist Christine Hamilton on your radio show.

I read the post. Re-examined the photo. Felt a bit guilty.

This is an apology to your mother in the likely event that she is offended.

Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave

Any idea as to whether it was the 1st or the 2nd recording. It won't put me off buying it, because if it is the 1st recording, I'll buy it, because I was there and if it is the 2nd, I'll buy it, because it is different to the one I saw

It's a win win, but interested all the same

Dave Gorman said...

Both recordings were of pretty much the same material in the same order... you do two in case things go wrong technically. It means the director has two chances to get a particular shot etc. and you can choose the best one. Inevitably the two shows get mixed together. But the spine of it is, I believe, the early show.

Dave Gorman said...

Just had confirmation that the DVD will be region free.