Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bravo Darts

One thing's for sure, Bravo have been blessed with a very high standard of darts here in Dinslaken.

Yesterday's games were truly brilliant. Every quarter final had moments of tension. The surprise package was Bernd Roith who pushed Barney all the way. No matter what was happening in the game he just looked unflappable. I hope he goes on to bigger things. Being in the players' lounge as he came back down after the match made me feel really privileged. He was greeted by a huge burst of spontaneous applause from his fellow pros. Genuine warmth and admiration and something I'm glad I got to see at close quarters.

Several players that everyone knows do well week in, week out on the pro-tour turned up with their A-game yesterday. If Jamie Caven, Colin Lloyd or Wayne Jones can stay at that level today it could get really interesting.

It's going to be a tough day for whoever wins through. There's a quarter final, a semi final and the final to get through in one day. They'll need to get their heads right three times. After each match there has to be a come down as the adrenaline subsides, but somehow they'll have to manage it and get back into the right place for the next game. Going to be an exciting day.

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Krispy said...

You're doing great Dave. Jabba is a mate of mine, and I knew he could do some damage at a big tv tournament.

One last day of being Bravo's twitter for me, better go do my stats :)

trevthedrummer said...

the darts have been great but the camera shots are so bad that i turned the tv off even though i love my darts,something needs to change. presenters seems to antagonise the players. good job macetheace is there as he is pure quality and should have done more in his dart career.and as for phil taylor.....yea he maybe the best player in the world but im the best player in my house.

Dave Gorman said...

There's a very persistent spambot that keeps posting links that purport to be for cheap sportswear etc. Spam reporting doesn't seem very easy on blogger. Anyone know the best way of stopping it?

David Shaw said...

Hi Dave

'bout the spam, i found this:

they are discussing it here.

FYI just to say, really like your stuff, keep up the funny adventures, would a good one be the top twenty blunders of all time? like London bridge in Nevada, Thames Town in China,EuroDisney in Paris, sounds like a free holiday to me lol

thanks for the chuckles