Sunday, September 26, 2010

Genius: Monday. 10pm. BBC2.

With Hazel Irvine & Hazel Irvine

I mean Russell Howard & Russell Howard

Sorry. I mean Russell Howard & Hazel Irvine. That's right.

Or do I mean Hazel Irvine & Russell Howard?


Scottish Nature Boy said...

What the...?

Mephitis said...

Really enjoyed it, ta :).

Craig Jones said...

The new format of the show is much better than the previous series, and a lot of it worked really well (thumbs up to Pat Harkin!)... two good guests to start the series off with, and some genuine belly laughs. Some of it not quite as good (the higher/lower game; the plate smashing fairground game) but hey-ho, it's early days.

daj said...

I love Genius! It's clever, witty... It's genius!

Sadly preferred first series format (sorry)... it just seemed more serious, and more intimidating to the geniuses, which was great fun to watch: the new format just seems to be more community-forum-Loose-Women chat show. But like the 2 different celeb viewpoints: bit more arguing would be funny though, and more demos. But hey-ho, it's early days... I just want it to have more feeling!

daj said...

And i miss the bin :(

EricGeneric said...

I really enjoyed the show, I think the new format is great, much more fun and silly than the previous one - which fits the nature of the show more.

The half hour just flew by, can't wait for next week's show.

A thumbs up from me, Dave!

Scottish Nature Boy said...

@EricGeneric - I'm with you on that. I loved the range of quiz shows spoofs! Can they keep up that pace? (probably) And Pat Harkin (Arkin?) was a great sport. Dave - you must just love it when someone like him pops up! And just think, with two guests, there's now the option for a game featuring a three-in-a-bed Johnny Vegas spectacular!

Dave Gorman said...

@Scottish Nature Boy: there are different rounds in every show - not sure if any of the others are quiz-show stylee - but what we wanted to do was not repeat the structure so that every show feels different.

@Eric: thanks. I hope the way it works now is that we'll still spend time on ideas that the guests want to get into but the rest can fly by. In the previous series, if you didn't like an idea you'd know it was going to be on for 5 minutes - that's a long time to wait.

@daj: we didn't do the bin in ever episode of series one - and I promise you there are rounds in this series which do the same job - of surprising the guests with really bad ideas. I think we gain a lot - in terms of improvisation etc - by having the show more loose and putting more ideas under our noses. But instead of saying here-are-4-ideas-we've-selected-that-have-some-merit we're saying here-are-70-people-with-ideas-that-might-be-good-but-might-be-dreadful... basically, some of what would have been bin ideas are bound to still be there... they're just in amongst the audience.