Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Genius. Monday Nights. BBC2.

I'm delighted to say that Genius is now in the schedules. It's going to go out on BBC2 on Monday nights at 10pm.

Mondays. At Ten. On BBC2. Got that? Good.

It starts on September 27th.

If you came to any of the recordings then you know the show has a very different format to last year.

In series one there was some tongue in cheek pomp and ceremony with the guest in a throne and the potential geniuses entering on a revolving stage. With hindsight all of that was taking up time that should have been spent hearing more ideas, putting in some more actual content. We used to get through 4 or 5 ideas in a show - and because they were ideas that had been pre-selected, I always knew what they were and we pretty much always had a prop built for each one. It gave us some great moments but it also committed us to spending a certain amount of time with each and every idea.

We all wanted to make the show looser this time around. So instead of inviting 4 or 5 people to each show, we've invited 70. And instead of having one guest per show we've got two. And on one occasion, three because, hey, you can't have just the one Hairy Biker now can you? So the show has become more of a forum where every one of those 70 people can get involved and share their ideas and the guests can investigate some and dismiss others.

There are still a couple of things in each show where I know what's going on and we've built this or that - but by not doing it every time it's much less predictable. On the whole I think it makes the show much more relaxed, improvised & free flowing. In most episodes - in fact, I expect all of them - we'll hear from 20-30 people... that's more than we squeezed into the whole of the first series.

We've got a load of extras that we'll be putting up as online exclusives as the series rolls along. There's a behind the scenes video and a Genius Generator - a collection of ideas sent to us on video - up on the BBC Comedy blog right now.

But, um, yeah... it on Monday nights. It starts on September 27th. It runs for 6 weeks. I hope you like it.

15 comments: said...

Wish we had BBC2 in Malta :-( . . especially on Monday nights at 10pm from 27th September :-D

James Flinders said...

woohooo - can't wait for the new series. Sounds like fun.

Last series nearly put me in hospital at one point after my laughing fit at you and Johnny Vegas testing out the conveyor duvet.

Probably the funniest TV moment of last year

Vicus Scurra said...

I can't see my friend Alistair in that photograph. I shall be very disappointed if he is not on the television.

Dave Gorman said...

I don't think anyone in that photo is a member of the actual audience. It's a studio shot to illustrate the show not a shot from a recording or suchlike.

Mr TempleDene said...

Day before my birthday, I hope Pete will get a birthday mention.

I'll be 45 but you don't have to mention that (bet you will if you do!)

DaveG said...

I second blinkycrafts, wish I could get BBC2 where I am.

Any ways to get this programme outside of the UK?

the_recapitulation said...

Ah, the excitement begins!
I presented my idea at the Hairy Bikers filming, so here's hoping i've made the final cut!

Can't wait to see the full series!

Dave Gorman said...

@Mr TempleDene... the shows were recorded in May/June. There'll be no way of adding a birthday mention to anyone.

Gio said...

Auntie usually takes advantage of a second series to start selling the first on DVD - any idea if she's planning on doing this?

Dave Gorman said...

No idea. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the people without lightbulbs. It is like the advertising monkeys have preemptively decided they are not geniuses.

Rob Turpin said...

As much as I'm looking forward to the new series Dave (very much indeed), I'm actually commenting about the promo pic.

How suave, and slightly American, do you look?! Is it Photoshop, spray tan or have you been on holiday? I know you don't get colour like that from commenting on the darts!

Roll on the 27th.


Michael said...

Can't wait for this, just slightly disappointed that it's being shown at the same time as the inbetweeners. Not sure about BBC's logic to put this up against probably the most successful comedy around at the moment. At least there is iplayer.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Was just telling someone about this series a few weeks ago and can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Does what it says on the tin. Genius. Out on the narrowboat for two weeks soon, route now having to be planned to ensure a decent TV signal. Loving your work.