Monday, November 1, 2010

A Telescope? And a horse?

I genuinely love The Cube.

But sometimes the games are just a bit too complicated. And the prizes are just a bit weird.

I'm an amateur when it comes to making these things... but I think this works.


Scottish Nature Boy said...

I think you cut that last bit for comic effect - I'm sure Philip Schofield was actually going to say "But what you do get is a telescope and a horse chestnut tree"!

Dave Gorman said...

Ha. If he had I'd have left it in for sure.

He actually said, "a telescope, a horse and a ten thousand pounds."

Money seemed to spoil it.

It's an ace show.

Scottish Nature Boy said...

Never watched it Dave - will definitely give it a view just in case there is horse-chestnut tree on offer... but that would be completely conkers, wouldn't it? :¬) (PS For the record, I'm 45 and, therefore, happy to use emoticons!)

Kelly Sutherland said...
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Kelly Sutherland said...

now THAT is genius!