Monday, February 28, 2011

Dave's One Night Stand

That's the channel Dave not me-Dave. We recorded it on Saturday night at the Birmingham Hippodrome. If you've seen the show before (last series featured Russel Kane, Sarah Millican, Ben Elton, Jack Whitehall and Johnny Vegas) you'll know it involves someone doing a home town gig... and a lot of people don't realise I'm from Birmingham. Me included. Because I'm not.

I'm from Stafford. Which is 25 miles up the road. But it's the West Midlands... so it's a local gig at least.

So I filmed some short stuff to show folks round Stafford in the morning and then did the show that night.

I really like the way the production company approached things with their focus being all about the live show on the day - something that isn't always true in telly-land. As you can see from the set (my Mum took the picture) the excellent Simon Evans and Isy Suttie were on too - as were Elis James and Jason Cook - which I think made for a really well balanced bill with every performer pushing at slightly different comic doors. Fun.

Being on a Saturday night it meant I couldn't stay over in Birmingham as I had to be in London on Sunday morning for my Absolute Radio show. I hate missing a show... even when I was on tour I only missed one and that was because it was physically impossible to get back from Belfast in time to do it.

It's exhausting but worth it. And if you were in the audience at the Hippodrome and listened to the show then you'll be able to confirm that I succeeded with my secret mission. But that's just between us, right?

If you missed the show and want the podcast then it's here (if you're an itunes user) or here (if you're not) and the One Night Stand episode is scheduled to be on Dave on April 28th.


Mike said...

Hi Dave

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the show and were worried that the recording element might be intrusive, but you are right; it wasn't.

Sadly my partner has an almost photographic memory for jokes (but without the professional delivery) and we watched your DVD a couple of weeks ago.. I shan't go into details but she is now known as the Comedy Killer and I'm looking for a new stand-up wife.

That little cloud aside, the support acts were great too. It was good to finally see Simon & Issy live, having heard them on various Radio 7 shows.

Thanks for a great evening!

By the way, if it's not the wrong place for Listeners' Lexicon, may I propose "Cupset" for when an unfancied team beats the favourite?

blameTECHIE said...

Yes Dave - you did complete your secret task and, as an aside, you were very correct ..... that wine glass was definitely empty! :-)

Jack said...

But Isy (aka Dobby) isn't from Birmingham either...

Dave Gorman said...

@Jack: it's not meant to be a local gig for all the comics. Each episode has one person doing a local gig... with some guests. When you book a show you want to put the people you want on, so you ask people and if they say yes you arrange a gig. If the deal was that the other acts had to be from near the same place you'd be severely limiting who else could be booked!

Amy said...

Best comedy show I've ever been to (and I've been to THREE.) You were all awesome & I haven't stopped telling my friends about the show! :)

Natalie Critchard said...

Loved it... Just for the record a message to Simon Evans.... Totally believe the lift story is true... Similar experience... Was I drunk... Nope... Was I hungover... Nope... Was I ill... Nope.... Was I jetlagged... No no just thick as pigshit!!!! Got in a lift.... Could not see the buttons for the life of me... (camouflaged in the ultra shiny wall panel in my defence!!) Panicked.... Also saw the metal grill... Also decided to speak... FLOOR 2... Didn't work....LEVEL 2.... Not worked....NUMBER 2.... Still not shifting... Panicking slightly more... Oh shit... I spot the buttons... I check for CCTV... I press the buttons ashamed of being myself... And I slowly take the rise of shame in A GLASS, SHOPPING CENTRE LIFT ON A BUSY DECEMBER SATURDAY... Oh the shame ;)

natalie critchard said...

ok a message to you not simon evans....ooooops!!!!
seriously though did that really happen to you...hope so because it makes me feel less alone in the world of idiots!!!!