Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Postcard From Scotland

I feel like I've been in Edinburgh for a month already and yet it feels like there's a whole month still to come...

That's not a grumble. Despite the weather I'm having a wonderful time. I'd forgotten how much I love this festival.

There are a number of other late-night cabaret shows that happen and I've never been a fan of performing at them. I think the audience always assumes that they're seeing a sample of your show - and as I can't really do a bit from my show at any of them I don't think it's a good idea to mislead people.

But there seem to be a whole load of shows out there this year where the point is to do something different... so I've been cheerfully throwing myself into the mix with those. They help to change up the days and don't leave the audience thinking they've seen what-you-do.

So I played in PokerMen (and, ahem, won) did an improvised set at Set List (great fun... and a really interesting challenge), improvised a song and told a story at The Horne Section (I can't quite believe I went for the song, myself), was a guest on The Richard Herring Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (he steers the chat brilliantly) and told a story of fond reminiscence about my High School maths teacher, Mr Morgan at Robin Ince's Carl Sagan is My God, Oh and Richard Feynman Too (a warm, friendly and accessible show about science... which is remarkable given that Robin is (insanely) doing 4 shows a day up here).

I don't think I'd be doing all these other things if I wasn't so relaxed with my own show. I expect the fact that Mrs Gorman has joined me up here for the last couple of days has helped too.

I'm lucky that I can spend time with her and see shows. I don't have to pound the street leafleting. The shows have been full so far. As I write, tonight and tomorrow are sold out. Fingers crossed for the rest.

Having a lovely time.

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