Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello Again. Again.

Hello Cheltenham!

Hello Wolverhampton!

Hello Leicester!

Hello Hammersmith!

Just Coventry, Carlisle, Preston and Perth to go... I'm going to miss this show.

Or maybe I'll just find a way to do it some more.


PSB1 said...

Missed the tour due to my wife having a baby. Would love it if you came round again!

Paul said...

Coventry? Don't you mean Warwick?!

Dave Gorman said...

@Paul: no. CV4 is in Coventry.

simon D said...

Peter Kay and you in one weekend. I am being spoilt!

Woogle said...

Great show at the Apollo. You cheered me up no end, and the Mrs enjoyed it too.
Keep up the good work!

p.s- ever used SlideRocket instead of PPT?

Paul said...

@Dave The exclamation mark signified (to me at least) the sarcasm. Great show, loved it.

Dave Gorman said...

@Paul. I know. But an exclamation mark can also mean, "not-you-as-well" or "here-we-go-again" etc etc.

Paul said...

@Dave I know. We should invent some new punctuation marks for clarity.