Thursday, January 26, 2012

Me, Me, Melbourne

Luna Park, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

It's Australia Day today... so what better day to announce that I'm taking the live show to Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival? There is no better day.

Actually, there are probably plenty of better days. I mean, it's Australians that are hopefully going to buy tickets and they're out celebrating because it's Australia Day. Oh well. It's too late now.

I'll be heading out after the 4 night run in London, for a 2 week run in Melbourne... before returning to the UK for my national tour.


Tickets for Melbourne - and for London and the national tour for that matter - can be bought through the links on the Live Dates page of my site.


Margo said...

I'm "de-light-ed" :-) Off to plan a road trip and buy some tickets!! Will you have time for any sightseeing beyond Melbourne? I highly recommend Beechworth - it's "historic" you know (1800s!! LOL). And we have great beer, wine, cheese, olives and all sorts of other goodies

Keith said...

No, Sydney shows this time?

Dave Gorman said...

@ Keith: Nope. See: Q2

Padknuckle said...

Hi Dave - another good reason to hit the Melbourne Comedy Festival! I'm an avid podcaster of yr Absolute Radio show. If you fancy a day trip form Melboure, come & visit Mansfield in north east Victoria. Cheers, Michele