Monday, March 26, 2012

March 25th... Absolutely...

We opened the show with the should-be-doing/am-doing feature that is definitely proving that Sunday is a day for not necessarily meeting your obligations.

Danielle provided Ward's Weekly Word, Martin provided his usual end-of-show song and my Found Poetry came with extra Bong! as it was about the "news" that Big Ben might be renamed Elizabeth Tower in the Queen's honour. It's only ever about "news" and never, y'know, news.

The songs I brought in from home were:
Feet Don't Fail Me Now by the awesome Jake Morley.

That's become a real earworm for me this last week. Also, I reckon there's at least a 2% chance I'm one of the people walking by in the background as every one of the streets he walks down feels the soles of my shoes on a very regular basis. Odd.

The other tune comes from a great Australian band called The Grates. Science is Golden:


Unfortunately yesterday there were gremlins in the works which means that the podcast was, to use the technical term, borked. It was published... then withdrawn and sent back to the factory where it was lovingly restored. The corrected version was uploaded today. It's here (itunes) unless you're one of those non itunesy people... in which case it's here.

If you subscribe - and we love you if you do - then your computer might have already downloaded the borked version. You can get the right one by deleting and then refreshing!

Life's about to get pretty hectic as I gear up for a new burst of live shows. I've got warm up gigs in Newbury (Thursday/Friday), Chelmsford (Saturday) and at The Southbank Centre in London (April 2-5) before flying to Australia on April 6 to head to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We'll still be on the wireless on Sunday morning... but then we'll have a break til I return from Oz.

You can see all the details for the live shows here.

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