Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Longest Weekend

So the tour is back on and it feels like we never stopped. The first gig (in a tiny venue in Great Torrington, Devon) blew the cobwebs off the show nicely and the second - at The Tivoli in Wimborne - was a blast.

Which reminds me. Traditions need to be upheld!

Hello Great Torrington!
 and Hello Wimborne!
(Actually the first picture was taken outside the train station in Umberleigh which is just up the road)

A journey from London to Devon and then to Dorset sounds quite civilised as touring goes but alas it didn't work out like that. Instead it became London to Devon to London to Dorset and back.

I say 'alas'... but it was my choice. I simply didn't want to miss out on my Sunday morning at Absolute Radio. I genuinely missed it when I was in Australia and I've really loved throwing myself back into it since my return so I made the, possibly foolish, decision to do the journey back from Devon after the show. It turned Sunday into a long day on very little sleep... but I think it was worth it.

I think I'm going to be able to get through this tour without missing a single radio show... it's going to mean some long, Saturday night drives... but I reckon this first weekend was the most challenging of the lot. If we can do that one, we can surely do the others.

By the way... the songs I brought in from home were:

If You Got To Know Me by Stephan Altman:

and an old favourite, The Story Of Love by Misty's Big Adventure:


The next run of shows goes as follows:
Wednesday: Andover
Thursday: Aldershot
Friday: Stafford (Hello Mum!)
and Saturday: Durham

Oh. Durham. So that'll be another interesting Sunday morning.

Of course, there are loads more gigs - the tour runs into July - so you might want to check the Live Dates page to see if we're coming near you.

And if you're a fan of radio shows made by sleep-deprived presenters, you might want to get the podcast and/or tune in next Sunday morning.

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Katherin said...

Very much looking forward to seeing you in Andover tomorrow!