Monday, May 14, 2012

May 13th... Absolutely

On Wednesday night I went out to see a gig - a single launch for Saul Ashby.

Here are a couple of pictures from the night...

I really enjoyed the gig - and I thought the single was great - and so we put it in the show on Sunday as one of my records-from-home. Here it is:

The other song I brought in was by an unsigned Scottish band called The Imagineers. They probably won't be unsigned for long as their song, Imagineer, has been used on a trail for the CBS talk show, The Late Late Show. The host, Craig Ferguson, might have taken US citizenship but he hasn't forgotten his Scottish roots and they recently filmed a week of specials in his homeland. Which goes some way to explaining this video...

 It was another really busy show, with Pete's Treat, Found Poetry, Ward's Weekly Word and a new game, Which Bong Is Wrong, that I think we'll return to as an occasional treat in the same way that Autofill Your Boots has become a semi-regular part of the fabric of the show.

If you don't listen to the podcast, but you hear us referring to Pun Street every now and then, you might be forgiven for thinking it's nothing more than a collection of shops with punny names.

But that would be to ignore the rest of the precinct that has grown up around Pun Street - a precinct that contains Charming Alley, Punintention Alley, Vain Parade, Creepy Close, Fail Lane, Punny la Rue and Calamity Close.

Which explains why at some point we ended up discussing this shop.
As you can see, it was originally tweeted by Gavin Seymour but it was brought to the committee's attention by Tim Drury.

It was discussed in the Someday Podcast... which as the name suggests will come out someday this week.

If you've seen a shop that you think belongs in the precinct you can tweet it to @PunStreet or, better still, email it to the show here... which is also the best place to contact the show for Correspodcast, Listener's Lexicon and everything else that we do.

If you use itunes, the best link for the podcast is here... and if you don't, it's here.

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