Sunday, October 14, 2012

Absolutely October 14th

There've been no posts on the blog for a wee while because... well, because I've had nothing to say and because I've spent a little while without the internet. I took a holiday. I've never done it before. Except for my honeymoon. It turns out it's great fun. You should have said!

But I'm back now. And that means that I'm back on the air on Sunday morning where I brought in another couple of songs from home.

I've played a few tracks by The Robbie Boyd Band since they first came up on my radar a couple of months ago... and they seem to be releasing new stuff at a rapid rate... this is released tomorrow... it's called Spring Generation.

My second choice this week comes from Grouplove. They're American. They're hipsters. I didn't realise it was them when I first heard it and the sound didn't make me think of American hipsters. Instead my ears were nudged in the direction of Mud's Tiger Feet so all I could picture were flared trousers and simple - but synchronised - dance steps. How wrong I was. I think I might prefer the images in my head though. Not that it matters - it's a good tune.

My Spotify playlist of (nearly) all the songs I've brought in from home this year can be found here... and the podcasts for the show - which contain all the talky content from the Sunday morning as well as loads of extras - should be here.

One of the reasons I've come late to the idea of holidays is that my working life gives me plenty of travel... and next week is a case in point. I've a gig at the Sydney Opera House next Sunday so we'll be having another week off. Sorry! (I'm not really sorry. I mean, I'll miss the show for sure... but come on... it's the Sydney Opera House!)

But we'll be back on the 28th.

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