Monday, October 29, 2012

Absolutely October 28th

Sydney was fantastic fun. I don't know if there will be more performances of that particular show - I certainly wouldn't rule it out - but there are none in the diary at the minute and if it does turn out to be the last of them, well then the Sydney Opera House is no bad place for a run to end!

Being there for only six days meant I'd barley adjusted to the ten hour time difference when it was time to come back and putting the clocks back an hour on Saturday night seemed like a cruel trick to play on an already confused brain.

Still it was good to get back to normal with the radio show... and so here, of course, are the two songs-from-home for this week.

First up, Kerry Leatham. You might recognise her from the video to Dogtanion's Islam that I played a few weeks ago, she also sings as one half of Peter & Kerry and as you can see she does solo stuff too. Solo stuff like this... it's called Crash & Burn. (Don't worry, it isn't a cover version of the Busted song of the same name.)

Secondly, Mode Moderne. Their Canadian although you could tell me this was made in Manchester in 1984 and I'd happily believe you. I've been enjoying their album, Strange Bruises, and this track in particular. Foul Weather Fare.

My Spotify playlist of (nearly) all the songs I've brought in from home this year can be found here... and the podcasts for the show - which contain all the talky content from the Sunday morning as well as loads of extras - should be here.

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