Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tabernacle Doo Dah


So you'll be pleased to hear that series two of Modern Life Is Goodish isn't going to be called anything silly like Modern Life Is Goodi2h. You might also be please to know that we've now sorted out the dates for the recordings... and that means that the tickets - which are free - are available.

As with last series, we'll be recording two shows each night. Like the first series, the shows will all be recorded at The Tabernacle near Notting Hill. It's a lovely atmosphere, a far nicer place for an audience to be than the normal, anodyne atmosphere of a TV studio.

Unlike last series, there are eight episodes this time, so there'll be four recordings instead of three.

They'll be on Saturday June 7th, Wednesday June 25th, Wednesday July16th and Sunday August 3rd.

The weekend shows will be doors at 5.15 and the Wednesday shows will be doors at 5.45.

If you'd like to come along you can apply for free tickets via the TVRecordings website.

Tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis, but hey, they are free.
(That said... there were a few priority tickets for each recording... but they were reserved for members of my mailing list who found out yesterday).


Unknown said...

thank you, see you on the 3rd!!!

norcimo said...

Am I going mad, or is August 3rd a Sunday, not Saturday?

Graham the Funky Aardvark said...

Thanks for the mailing list email, I got my ticket sorted for the 25th of June.

This and a new tour (and a book) means another busy year for you Dave.

Dave Gorman said...

@norcimo you're not going mad. It was my mistake. I've edited the blog post to correct it.

Gina said...

Just got two tickets for 25th June, really looking forward

Unknown said...

I have booked tickets for the 3 August recording.
We will have to travel some distance to the recordings making the mid-week shows impossible.
I booked via your mailing list and followed the instructions for priority seats.
I then found my booking had not work properly and I rebooked and resubmitted for priority seats.
However I have heard nothing back after 2 weeks.
I am bringing my daughter, a huge fan, but due to the travel involved I am apprehensive about bringing her if we are not sure to get in.
It would be a long way to come for nothing.
We may have to make do with the WIP shows in Worthing and the main tour in Brighton instead.

Unknown said...

So unimpressed. Just noticed an email offering upgrading tickets to priority tickets for Sunday 3 Aug. But sent at 5.03 on a friday evening...when I'm working /on way home. Applied for priority tickets from your mailing list on first day...but heard nothing. We paid to see 2 worthing work in progress show in Worthing. Now very cross with the whole situation. I am bring my daughter a long way incurring travel costs with no idea whether we will actually see a show....very bad!

Dave Gorman said...

@Alan Chapman: I'm sorry to hear you've had difficulties. Unfortunately, the problem is caused by the people who accept tickets and then don't show up. If I had my way, we would charge for tickets to recordings - not to make money, but to cut down on the no-shows.

Here's the thing. You advertise free tickets. You have to send an email to get them. That's all it takes. People think, "well, I don't know if I'm free or not, but I might as well send an email because I've got nothing to lose." Or they send an email, with every intention of coming but then when the day comes, the sun is shining and there's football on TV and... well, it hasn't cost them anything.

There's nothing anyone can do about it. The average no-show rate for audience members is about 50%. I believe our show is a bit lower, at 30%.

But how much of a gamble should we take on having empty seats? If we give away, just enough seats for the usual rate of no-shows and that week it turns out 40% don't turn up, should we make the show with two empty rows at the back?

Unfortunately, we have to do what everyone else has to do and oversubscribe the shows.

I do what I can to make up for it by offering a limited number of guaranteed entry seats to members of my mailing list. (But not even all of them show up, so... y'know)

We can't fill the whole venue with those - because not even all of them show up - so we have to do that with a limited number. I don't know how many it is... but if there are, say 100... and 200 people apply for them, there's nothing I can do.

But they exist. And some people get them and that's better than most shows.

And we put a system in place where everyone who turns up and gets turned away gets offered a guaranteed entry for the next show if they can make it. Which might be of no use to someone who's travelled a distance to get there, but again, it's better than you'll get at most recordings.

If an email was sent at 5.03 on a Friday evening, I imagine it's because somebody else had contacted them to say they could no longer show up and they were taking the opportunity to try bring the numbers back up.

Instead of being angry at the timing of it - which is nobody's fault - be glad that people are working hard to try and make it as easy as possible for as many people as they can. Small comfort when it didn't work out for you... but that is the truth of it.