Monday, June 9, 2014

A Goodish Return

I haven't been tweeting, blogging or doing pretty much anything online lately as I've had plenty of other stuff on my plate.

On Saturday night, we taped the first two episodes of series two...
... and it all seemed to go pretty well.

Thanks to everyone who came along.

Thanks also to everyone who came along to the dry runs in Worthing. Doing the shows live is far and a way the best way of honing things and as I want the finished product to be as unedited as possible - so that I can link ideas together, rather than just having a mish-mash of disconnected thoughts and gags, it's essential that I at least try and squeeze it into time before we get to the recording.

Anyway... there were sleepless nights along the way - I always forget just how time consuming creating 800+ slides of powerpoint can be - but it was a really enjoyable experience. And that's it now... we're strapped in to the rollercoaster and the shows are coming thick and fast.

I've got one last show of the Screen Guild gigs at the Hackney Picture House on Thursday - which doesn't necessarily feed in to the series, but then there are dry runs in Canterbury before the next recording on June 25th.



Unknown said...

Thanks for an excellent evening's entertainment Dave! I was there with Mrs E and our two Oiks and we all had a great time. Loved the Tabernacle too!

Unknown said...

What you did in Worthing was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to the next series.

Dave Gorman said...

Thanks David and Jessica. I enjoyed all the shows, and putting myself through the stresses of the dry runs - in this instance in Worthing - is what helps to take the stress out of the recordings.

Also... David, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the Tabernacle. One of the first things I said when we started work on the show was that we should put it in a venue rather than an antiseptic TV studio. There's nothing more depressing for an audience that's excited to be there to then find out that they're actually looking at 4 cameramen's arses and have to look at the show on a monitor. I wanted the audience on the night to have a good time and to feel the show was for them. Using the Tabernacle makes that possible!

Darren Wells said...

Dave, Thanks for the show you did in Canterbury last week. Best night of live comedy I've seen in a long time, and I'm someone who hadn't seen Modern Life is Goodish, but came along as I love your books.

Great choice of venue to do the Work in Progress too. I was there on the last night and like you said no spoilers, but one bit of feedback... please leave the 'last part' of the show in for TV if you can, I sat in stitches at the end of the front row as I think I know where you 'filmed it', and funnily enough... I was blissfully unaware!
Was wondering when are the new shows planned to air?