Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tour Extension

We're on the home straight of the tour now and the mood in the camp is still high. Of course it is. Touring is fun. And the venues have all been sold out.

There are still a few tickets left for tomorrow night on the Isle of Wight, mind and for a few of the others coming up. (Bristol, Belfast, Dartford, Dorking, Cambridge, Sheffield, Liverpool and then, finally, four nights in London).

I keep having chats with people on Twitter who tell me that they think the shows are sold out - because that's what the internet tells them - but who then manage to get a ticket by calling the venue. There are almost always late releases of tickets that were held for press etc and so most of the time, a handful of people get last minute tickets that never make it back on to the websites.

But because the show has been selling out there are plenty of venues asking us to do extra shows and a fair few new venues wanting the show to come to them as well... and so instead of being on the home straight, we're actually approaching the halfway point. We're extending the tour into 2015.

It will be the same show - with the brilliant Nick Doody too - and we'll start the second leg in October next year. (There's the small matter of making 8 more episodes of Modern Life Is Goodish to deal with between now and then, so it's not as though we're slacking off!)

The tickets went on sale, exclusively through See Tickets this morning. They'll be on general sale from Friday.

Here they all are on a handy, zoomable, scrollable map...

And here they are in list form:
4 - HEREFORD Courtyard Theatre
5 - NORWICH Playhouse
6 - NORWICH Playhouse
7 - NORWICH Playhouse
9 - EXETER Corn Exchange
10 - TRURO Hall For Cornwall
11 - HAYES - Beck Theatre
14 - CHATHAM Central Theatre
15 - BROXBOURNE Civic Hall
18 - SHREWSBURY Theatre Severn
21 - ALDERSHOT  Princes Theatre
22 - CROYDON Fairfield Halls
23 - JERSEY Opera House
25 - CHELTENHAM Everyman Theatre
28 - POOLE The Lighthouse
29 - SALISBURY City Hall
30 - WATFORD Colosseum
31 - READING Hexagon

1 - NEWCASTLE Theatre Royal
5 - WIMBORNE Tivoli Theatre
6 - DURHAM Gala Theatre
7 - MOTHERWELL Concert Hall
8 - LANCASTER Grand Theatre
11 - CRAWLEY Hawth Theatre
12 - SWINDON Wyvern Theatre
13 - YEOVIL Octagon Theatre
14- COVENTRY Warwick Arts Centre
15 - SALFORD The Lowry
18 - CHELMSFORD Civic Theatre
19 - NOTTINGHAM Playhouse
20 - NORTHAMPTON Royal & Derngate Theatre
22 - DUNFERMLINE Alhambra Theatre
26 - BIRMINGHAM Symphony Hall
27 - CAMARTHEN Lyric Theatre
28 - CARDIFF St David's Hall

The link for all tickets is


Corey Melling said...

Shame you won't be coming to North Wales this time around, the Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up tour was fantastic. I'll have to see about getting a few trains sometime.

Dave Gorman said...

@Corey Melling: the show has been to North Wales. We were in Wrexham a few weeks ago!

Corey Melling said...

Ah, I apologise then, I must have missed that when checking for tickets previously. It was Llandudno I saw you in last time, but it would definitely have been worth the trek to Wrexham. I'm sure I'll figure something out. Thanks

Unknown said...

Great tip about calling the box office directly, I didn't know that one. Thanks!

We came to Salford to see you on Sunday night, our third time at one of your gigs and thanks for being bloody marvellous as usual. In fact I cried tears of laughter, quite a few times and especially during the Found poems. Brilliant.

This is basically just a post to massage your ego as I also wanted to say good job on Too Much Information, I downloaded the Audiobook and you cheered my morning commute right up. Only problem was I had nothing to bring you to get signed after the gig - what's the etiquette there then?

Keep up the good work Dave.

Anonymous said...

Any plans to return to Leicester in 2015 Dave?

Dave Gorman said...

@Anonymous: I very much doubt it. But Nottingham isn't exactly far!

Anonymous said...

Booked to see you at Poole through see tickets. Really aggressive site, no floor plan or ability to change your seats, just 2 issued regardless and a count down of 5 minutes by which time they must be bought or it kicks you out. Hope there weren't better seats available, no option to tell, stuck in a corner rather than in the middle. :( just 336 days till we see you. x Don't have an account with anything below so it's down as anon, aka, jackie

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link Dave. I got front row for Guildford. See you in 11 months. I'm sure it'll fly by!

brigid said...

Hi Dave dunno if its you reading these comments, but will be at the sheffield show on 6th dec just tweeted was in leeds sorry am from leeds must have been on my mind, however can i have a look at your tattoo please? thanks Brigid

Unknown said...

So if I book tickets for the tour extension in 2015 (but haven't seen any shows in the first hald of the tour), and have seen every episode of Goodish, would I actually be seeing anything new?

Lesley said...

Ordered mine. Poole. This might be the longest, in advance, that I have bought tickets...

Dave Gorman said...

@Steve Myers: Yes. The tour show doesn't include any material from series 1 or 2 or Goodish. The extension to the tour will be the same show - that's why it's an extension rather than a brand new tour - but it is stuff that hasn't been on the box.

Barbara said...

Hello Dave. Will you be coming to Cambridge in 2015 -if so do you have any dates? xxx

Dave Gorman said...

@Barbara: everything I know I'm doing is on my website! There isn't a second category of information called things-I-know-I'm-doing-but-can't-tell-people-except-Barbara-if-she-asks!