Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Goodish Bye. For Now.

We've had a couple of days off on the tour... and as Tuesday night came I became aware that quite a few people were sending me messages asking why there wasn't an episode of Modern Life Is Goodish on the box? Has it ended? Has it been moved? It's very pleasing to know that it had become a Tuesday night habit for folks. If you were one of them: thanks. It really does mean a lot.

But yes, the series has run its eight-week course.

Everyone involved has been thrilled by the show's reception. I've tried to respond with gratitude to as much of the feedback as I can.

The nice people at Dave have put all of the shows - the six episodes from series one and the eight episodes from series two online for a while. If you missed an episode, joined the series late, had no idea that this wasn't the first series and would like to see the stuff you missed - or if you just want to prove to yourself that we did move the string quartet to a different location, change the look of the trees for series two and tweak the opening titles so that there were now four different endings... then you can do so here.

I've had a lot of tweets asking about series three. It has been commissioned and we'll start work on it in the new year. One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is how to get tickets to be in the audience. The answer is that, like all TV recordings, the tickets are free. But my mailing list gets first dibs.

You can subscribe - and, for that matter, you can unsubscribe - right here.

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In the mean time, it's also easy enough to get tickets for the tour show.

We're half way through the tour now and it's going great guns. Details for all the remaining dates are on the Live Dates page.

A lot of the dates (but not all) show up as sold out online but, as I explained recently, it's always worth a phone call.


Adrian said...

Just realised that the plaid shirt and pose remind me a little of Spalding Gray and (a slimmed-down) Michael Moore. Is the image in any way a nod to these and other US greats?

Anonymous said...

Dave, I live in Australia and cry every time I'm told I can't view Dave's/your video content from my country. Is there some site or source which does have the rights to show your glorious content to the Antipodes?

Kaye said...

Can I add a plea for those of us in New Zealand too. It is not fair that we have to miss out on such goodishness.

Anonymous said...

hola! unblocker allows you to access websites as if you were from that country. so i can watch iplayer etc whilst living in thailand

Jonathan Cardwell said...

It has been an excellent series, and I've even got my wife hooked on it.

Although could have done without the QR scam. I had a minor panic attack for the entirety of the ad break.

Andy D said...

for those interested, it looks like Dave (the TV Channel) have started repeating Series 1 (not "season" 1, no way, not ever), starting last night - Weds 5th Nov at 10.40ish.

Anonymous said...

Very much always worth a phone call, got last minute Durham tickets (it was sold out and they were returns) after I found out I couldn't make Newcastle.

stacey said...

I would like to watch the first two again are you dave Gorman and Google whack.

Dave Gorman said...

@Anonymous Australian and Kaye from NZ: is excellent for that.

@Stacey: you can watch them again if you get the DVDs...