Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Goodish Day To You...

Tuesday is set to be a very busy day, all told.

There's a big event in the morning called UKTV Live. It's a showcase for all the channels in the UKTV network (Dave, Gold, Watch, Eden etc etc) to show off their new offerings to a gathering of journalists and I'm set to do a bit previewing series 3.

An audience of journalists?


It sounds ghastly, I know, but I've performed at the last couple of these dos and they've always been a giggle.
It's a bit odd that it coincides with the first day of the series... it's obviously a bit late in the day for the print press... but even so, it's a fun event and with Dave commissioning series 4 & 5 even before series 3 has started going out, it's nice that we seem to be considered a part of the family over there.

After that, I'll be visiting a few radio shows here and there before heading over to the top secret bunker that the Dave channel broadcasts from. The idiots have drafted me in to do the continuity announcements for the evening. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson after last year. The fools.

It seems I spoke/typed too soon... there's a technical hitch and I won't be able to do the live continuity after all.


Clive Bellamy said...

Hi Dave
Just looked for "found poem" on the web...have you seen the images for found poem on the web. whats that all about.

I am not a robot, but i would like a robot to do the house work. Modern Life is Great..ish

Dave Gorman said...

@Clive Bellamy: that's all about Found Poetry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Found_poetry

Unknown said...

OMG - recorded the first episode, watched it and it cut off just as Boycie said "old woman from Newton Abbot".
What am I going to do now!!!

Unknown said...

Panic over - discovered Dave Player. Awesome limerick!!