Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Next Prizes

Thanks to everyone on my mailing list that entered the first competition of the series. The winner was Joe Jenks from Crewe who's already had a CelebVM video message from Homes Under The Hammer's Martin Roberts and will soon be getting some Homes Under The Hammer carpet(!) and a copy of the Found Poetry booklet too.

The feedback on episode 2 has been great... and it's an episode that contained a couple of props... which means it also contained a couple of prizes. There's the framed picture - that has now been taken down by the pub whose wall it once graced - and the wallet you see below. 

On Tuesday I'll email my mailing list with a question about episode 3... and then a lucky dip from the right answers will provide the winner.


Gio said...

Looking forward to the question - not that the prize will help my queueing (in)ability at all... (you can thank my ex-wife for that - she was a barmaid when we met)

Jessie Blackwood said...

Just watching your program on tv. Concerning Loughborough, I know some Australians I met pronounced it Loogabarooga...I defy anyone to say that without an Aussie accent. I loved your version, lowbrow university. Love your show.

Anonymous said...

Mis-sayings/mis-writings are a very rich seam to be mined! Two of my favourites are "as*f*ck" and "year year old" kutgw, Adrian