Friday, March 10, 2006

Like an onion

Annually Retentive is a TV series about a TV series. It stars Rob Brydon. The TV series it's about is also called Annually Retentive. It's a panel show. It's hosted by Rob Brydon who's being played by Rob Brydon. I'm playing one of the team captains who's called Dave Gorman. The other team captain is Jane Moore and she's playing herself.

The panel show doesn't really exist... except that right now it sort of does. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we recorded two episodes each night with 4 guests on each show. The shows will never be seen as complete episodes but bits of them will appear in the show about the show. So right now the show within the show exists and the show that they're within doesn't. But it will.

It's been remarkably good fun so far and the audiences have been great. After the first pair of recordings the producers decided that as the audience was enjoying them so much and we were all relaxed doing them they might as well add a few rounds in and give themselves more choice when it comes to choosing how much of the show is about the show and how much is the show.

Everyone involved has been a pleasure to work with thus far. Especially Rob Brydon and don't let the fact that he asked me to write that lead you to conclude it's not true. It is true.

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