Friday, March 10, 2006

More Genius

I'm delighted to say that Genius has been recommissioned by Radio 4. We haven't worked out the dates for the recordings yet but there's definitely going to be a second series and that means we open up the search for genius ideas once again. Last series a few people e-mailed me direct with their ideas which just goes to show that they're not geniuses. The only way to have your idea considered by everyone involved in putting the show together is to send it to the show. The phone number and an e-mail form are here.

I'm sure you're all really enjoying my persistent pursuit for justice in the world of ebay so you'll be delighted to know that one month and six days after I paid for a Peep Show DVD that turned out not to exist I've managed to get a refund for it. I doubt I would have managed to do so if I hadn't published the e-mail address of the perpetrator on this page like the petty-vigilante I am.

Somebody else who read about the incident got in touch to tell me that they had recieved two copies of the DVD for their birthday and would be happy to let me have the other. It seems Series 1 DVDs are rare and valuable so I've sent them what we both thought was a fair price. There's a happy ending.

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