Thursday, March 16, 2006


A few weeks ago a scribe from the Guardian stumbled upon my photos on flickr which led them to ask if I'd write a short article for their online edition explaining why I use and like the site. It took me longer than it should have done to get round to it but the article was published today. It's true by the way - a Brazilian magazine has asked if they can publish my photos of East End grafitti. Life's odd isn't it? Maybe I should get some business cards printed up: Dave Gorman: International Photographer. Or maybe I shouldn't.

In other unrelated yet Guardian related news I've agreed to be a judge for the Guardian Student Media Awards. I've done this twice before. The first time I was one of the panel judging the travel writing section and the second time I was looking at the websites. This time I'm back to the travel writing. The judging takes place over a very fine lunch at the Ivy and that's reason enough to accept the invitation as far as I'm concerned.

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