Monday, June 4, 2007


I think I might have broken my toe.

If not broken, it's definitely damaged in some way. It's the big one on my right foot that I'm concerned with. Normally it looks very much like the big one on my left foot - honestly, it's spooky, almost like a mirror image, you'd swear they were twins - but right now my big right toe isn't looking very much like my big left toe at all. It has two quite discernible dents in it which have turned a very strange hue, it won't bend and it refuses to take any weight whatsoever. It's looking rather shiny and plastic as well. Thinking back I'm not exactly sure when it happened but my guess is that it was early this evening when someone kicked me quite hard by accident and sent a shockwave of pain right through my tootsie. Yes, that was probably it.

Is there anything the medicos can do for a broken big toe or do they just tell you to wait for it to sort itself out? Only I've got a lot of work on and luckily, while I'm right handed I tend to type with my left foot so it shouldn't slow me down any but it would be really quite inconvenient to have to go anywhere and deal with anything.

I think I will wait to see what colour it is in the morning. If it's very different or if it gets any bigger and won't go in a shoe I will take it somewhere to be looked at.�


schwartz said...

I think my big toe is broken too - looks just like yours. if i decide to get it xrayd I'll let you know.

Cosmonome said...

what happened with this? did you ever get it checked out? my toe looks like that and i don't have insurance. did it end up getting better? i can barely walk on it.