Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Man Toe

A friend of mine took great glee last night in accusing me of over-dramatising my toe-injury. "This is just man-toe," she e-mailed, "you've stubbed your toe and now you're making a big deal out of it."

Well I was laughing when the X-Ray showed it was a real fracture wasn't I? I couldn't wait to rush home and e-mail her with proof that I was right and she was wrong and believe you me, if the doctor hadn't just explained how important it was that I use the crutch he'd given me to keep my weight off the fractured bone, I'd have done just that. As it was I had to hobble for a while and it took me longer than I'd hoped. Still, the important thing is not that I'm in pain now but that I was right to say I was in pain yesterday. I bet she feels really stupid. I sure showed her. �

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