Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Series Three

Genius has always been a really enjoyable show to do and it was great to get the first recording of the new series underway last night. Matthew Wright was a great guest and really got into the spirit of the show and tried to engage with all the ideas and all of the contributors enjoyed themselves too.

As the show grows I think we get more confident about the kind of ideas we have on (In series 1, for example, I'm pretty sure we would have rejected an idea like Tetris: The Movie but it was a real highlight of series 2.) I reckon the people pitching their ideas are getting more confident too. Which is great.

I guess during the first series nobody who sent in an idea had heard the show so maybe they sent their idea in without knowing we'd ask them to take part in person and nowadays they're a bit more knowledgable in advance. Indeed last night we even had a returning Genius who'd won the trophy during one episode of series 2 and come back for another go.

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