Wednesday, July 4, 2007

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A Complete Alphabet of Eine's Shopfront Shutter Graffiti Letters I took these photos of a shopfront shutter graffiti alphabet in East London back in January 2006.
They were blogged far and wide at the time and I started to get strange e-mails asking me about them from Canadian typography experts and the collection ended up being published in a Brazilian magazine too. But that was ages ago and they're now buried deep within the bowels of my flickr account where they largely go unnoticed.

Suddenly this week they started to attract loads of views and comments and I wasn't sure why for a while. It turns out they were linked to by the superb BoingBoing. (Which is very flattering because I heart BoingBoing. It's ace.)

Even better, it seems a chap called Carl Pappenheim has written a really nice program for them, that allows you to write anything you like using them as your font of choice.


S said...

Very cool, although anything you type in the 'nice program' does look a little like a ransom note.

Interesting to read on the flickr page how you managed to find all the letters...I was wondering.

Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanted to know if you were on, there is a presenter who looks and sounds identical in my opinion so I searched google and came here. He's on at the moment

Anonymous said...

Mr Gorman's photos are getting everywhere. I cackhandedly ended up on digital channel 300-and-something last night. There was a (I assume BBC) project with lots of photos about 'Your Britain' on. Guess who the first name was?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that anyone visiting the 'nice program' site will first type in their own name, and then type in a rude word.

I did.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Recognised these from Wooster, they're by Eine, and can be found in non-streetlight orange here:

They're pretty cool, I think.