Saturday, July 7, 2007

Genius 5/6

In the second series of Genius there were a couple of nights where the guests weren't exactly cooperative and I had to work hard to keep the ball in the air. It's always been a fun show to make but those nights are more exhausting because my focus has to be more intense and I end up feeling like I've done a job of work. When it's easier and the conversation just flows I don't have to think too hard and I get carried along by the show's energy. Or something.

If there was one show this series that I was trepid about it in advance it was the one we recorded last night. The guest was Germaine Greer who I confess to being a little scared of in advance. (Does that say more about me or her?) Would she enter into the ridiculousness of the show? It's not like we have many ideas in the series that would actually work. This is one of the things that I like about the show... that everyone maintains this strange internal logic and takes these ridiculous proposals "seriously." Of course if you take them seriously (as opposed to "seriously") it can fall apart because it's unlikely that you'll discover any actual genius there. (Whereas if you take them "seriously" you might well find "genius") (Obviously, it's all about the "")

We had a brief chat before the show and I still couldn't get a read on how playful she would be with the ideas. But when the show started she turned out to be just about the perfect guest. I think it's the atmosphere created by the audience that does it... there's more of them than anyone else in the room and they seem so tuned in to the show's tone these days that I think they create an irresistible force. She's such a strong personality and has a great (and funny) way with words so maybe I shouldn't have been worried about it in the first place... she was always going to be great.


S said...

I'm terribly intrigued by what the title of this post (Genius 5.6) means, especially the 5.6 bit.

If it was 3.6 I would assume it was a reference to the 6th episode of the 3rd series. But 3.6? Is it something really obvious that I am missing, or an injoke for die hard Dave Gorman fans? Maybe it is a joke that will become clear once the episode described in the post is aired.

Anyone got any ideas? Dave?

S said...

Sorry second sentence of the second paragraph should read 'But 5.6?'. Sorry I did read it through before I pressed publish, honest!

S said...

Hang on a minute Dave. You've changed the title from Genius 5.6 to Genius 5/6 which I'm assuming refers to the 5th and 6th episode. I thought I should add this comment so people don't think I've lost the plot although I feel I may of lost the battle in convincing people of that.

Anonymous said...

Hands up who thinks James has lost the plot?

Anonymous said...

James has well and truly lost the plot, in fact I doubted he had it in the first place.

Alistair Coleman said...

Genius is well ...err... genius.

After laughing like a stupid over the perforated bread episode, I followed the detailed instructions, and, with the help of a very long skewer, actually perforated a loaf for myself. And Gad! It works!

I don't do this kind of thing with just any radio show, you know.