Sunday, February 21, 2010

The First Ten Days...

The Eyes Have It, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

... of the tour were exhausting... but hugely enjoyable.

The first batch of dates were - I think - always going to be the most exhausting. In that there were ten of them on the bounce... and it was a ten day period that included two Sundays which meant two early mornings for the Absolute Radio show.

When I set off for Preston ten days ago only a couple of them were sold out but as each gig rolled around they all seemed to get there. I wasn't expecting that - these are big rooms - and I won't expect the rest of the tour to do so either. But it means that I've never performed to as many people in such a short space of time. I think it must be pretty close to 20,000 people in ten days. If you were one of them; thanks.

Covering these long distances by car and train turns out to be more exhausting than it was doing the more sensible 50-60 mile trips by bike. I'm not sure how or why. It doesn't really make sense.

I now get a couple of days off... and starting on Wednesday, the tour becomes 5 days on, 2 days off to the end. The next batch, starts on Wednesday and goes as follows.

Feb 24: Folkestone. Leas Cliff Halls
Feb 25: Southend. Cliffs Pavilion
Feb 26: Bournemouth. Pavilion (SOLD OUT)
Feb 27: Cambridge. Corn Exchange (SOLD OUT)
Feb 28: Tunbridge Wells (SOLD OUT)

Actually, those journeys look relatively sensible as tours go. None of them comes close to approaching the Reading to Edinburgh style nonsense we encountered in the last lot. Nice.


Scottish Nature Boy said...

Dave - I think the exercise probably became energising after your first few days of riding - sitting in the car or van all day, your blood sugar ends up in your boots, you breathe in more carbon dioxide and fumes in the vehicle than on the bike, etc - cycling wins hands down!

andrewnewson said...

Hi Dave.

I see that you're heading in to Tunbridge Wells soon and wondered whether it might be possible to take a few portraits of you. I'm a local photographer and I'd love to take your portrait for my portfolio, for free obviously. I know that you have a love for photography too and thought I might take a chance and ask.
You can view my portfolio here:
Thanks, Andy

Unknown said...

Greetings Dave. Most excellent night was had by my girlfriend and I at your Bournemouth gig last night. Quality. I love your style. Most fun I've had in ages.


p.s. Can't wait for more Genius

DigitalKelz said...

Seeing as you haven't blogged yet about the last few days I thought i'd attach this here. Just wanted to say thanks for last nights show in tunbywells! It was by far the best i've ever been to from any comedian and it was amazing that it went on for such a good length of time unlike other rip off merchants! :P

Dont wanna spoil anything for others but i'll just say it was TOTALLY amazing!!! thanks for a brilliant night mr gorman!! sending a well deserved high five!

Oh and my boyfriend wanted me to tell you he has an idea for a new show... and after last night he reackons your the guy to pitch it to! lol Can't see it taking off myself but he doesn't want me to write it on here in case anyone else steals it. (He really is under the impression that this will be his fortune! Seeing as I study digital media, i think not!) So if ever your in need of inspiration let me know because he's dieing to tell you! :)
Again thanks for last night, was ACE!!



Crapmodem said...

Thanks too from me and friend for last night in Tunbywells. We drove from Elstree, Hertfordshire to see the show and it was well worth it.

(Pity the seats were so bleeding hard, but that's not your fault of course.)

Danni said...

Mr Gorman, just wanted to say what a fab show you put on in Tunbywells. Was right in the front row craning my neck, the bellylaughs have made the neckbrace worthwhile (just kidding about neckbrace)

Still chuckling about bike fury...thanks for a brilliant show!