Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the launchpad...

Well, the last time I was about to start touring this show I was saddled with doubts about whether or not I'd even be able to get to the venues, let alone do the show. It's nice not to have that doubt preying on my mind.

I did the last preview at the Leamington Assembly last night. It wasn't as pleasing as the show in Canterbury but it went well. I felt slightly disconnected at the start of the show and wasn't quite delivering it all as I should. It was okay... but not as good as I want it to be. I got into the groove though and then kicked myself up the arse in the interval and made sure the second half was tight. It made a difference. I have no idea where the complacency had crept in from... but I'll consider it a lesson learned.

With apologies for this being relatively prosaic as far as blog posts go... here's the list of dates:
Feb 11: Preston. (SOLD OUT)
Feb 12: Sheffield. City Hall
Feb 13: Nottingham. Royal Concert Hall
Feb 14: Reading. Hexagon (SOLD OUT)
Feb 15: Edinburgh. Festival Theatre
Feb 16: Bradford. St Georges Hall
Feb 17: Oxford. New Theatre
Feb 18: Derby. Assembly Rooms
Feb 19: York. Grand Opera House (SOLD OUT)
Feb 20: London - Hammersmith Apollo (SOLD OUT)

Feb 24: Folkestone. Leas Cliff Halls
Feb 25: Southend. Cliffs Pavilion
Feb 26: Bournemouth. Pavilion (SOLD OUT)
Feb 27: Cambridge. Corn Exchange (SOLD OUT)
Feb 28: Tunbridge Wells (SOLD OUT)

March 3: Portsmouth. Guildhall
March 4: Plymouth. Pavilions
March 5: Bedford. Corn Exchange (SOLD OUT)
March 6: High Wycombe. The Swan Theatre (SOLD OUT)
March 7: Newcastle. Theatre Royal (SOLD OUT)

March 10: Cheltenham. Town Hall
March 11: Cardiff. St. David's Hall (SOLD OUT)
March 12: Birmingham. Alexandra (SOLD OUT)
March 13: Salford. The Lowry Centre.
March 14: Brighton. Theatre Royal

March 17: Bolton. Albert Halls
March 18: Stoke On Trent. Victoria Hall.
March 19: Coventry. Warwick Arts Centre (SOLD OUT)
March 20: Liverpool. The Empire
March 21: Blackburn

March 24: Aberdeen. Music Hall
March 25: Glasgow. Kings Theatre
March 26: Dorking. Dorking Halls
March 27: Belfast. Waterfront Hall
March 28: Basingstoke. The Anvil (SOLD OUT)

March 30: Leicester. De Montfort Hall
March 31: Llandudno. Venue Cymru.

Box Office phone numbers and links are all here.

I've had a few people asking me if I'm taking time off the radio show during the tour. I could have done if I'd wanted but I love my Sunday mornings and want to keep doing them as much as is possible. So there'll be some late night drives with me sleeping in the passenger seat and I think the end result is that I'll only have to miss one show towards the end of March. Tune in to Absolute Radio on Sunday mornings (or get the podcast) if you want to hear an exhausted man dribbling. Or not dribbling if I have enough coffee.

Hope to see some of you over the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Re Leamington gig. Both my wife and I thought you were on form for the whole gig, think most of the audience was quiet at the start, but you were great as we expected. No need for apologies, ABSOLUTE LEGEND. Will be seeing you again on the next tour.

Baz said...

Come on Dave, you're going to go to York and Sheffield, what's wrong with Hull!?

Scottish Nature Boy said...

"Saddled with doubts" - oh, very, very good Dave!

Dave Gorman said...

@Baz: as I've said before, I don't book theatres, they book me. I'm not playing in Sheffield because I love it any more than I'm avoiding Hull because I dislike it. I'm afraid the rather prosaic answer is that it's work. I'm going where the demand is. It's either the case that Hull venues weren't as keen or those that were didn't have dates available that worked for me. I'd more than happily play in Hull. I've certainly had a nice time there in the past.

Baz said...

Aww cheers Dave..

Anonymous said...

Oh please come to Hong Kong - if only once. We do have comedy clubs here!

Dave Gorman said...

@Mark: It's the same answer I gave to Baz. I don't book theatres, they book me. I'm afraid it really is that dull... I go where the work is.

Miriam said...

You would not believe how much I am looking forward to seeing you in Oxford next week!

Dan Whelan said...

Hiya Dave,

My mum is off to watch you in Salford at The Lowry Centre.

Shes a Dave Gorman Virgin and has never heard (except for me going on about you) or even seen anything you do.
Please be gentle.

Dan from Preston Bike Ride.

Tracey said...

Thank you for a great gig in Nottingham. We laughed hard enough that it probably counts as a work-out.

Simon D said...


Hope the scouse heckler left you alone at Preston this time around. I have never seen a heckler manhandled out of a theatre before! Well played!

Simon D

Steve said...

Looking forward to the Tunbridge Wells gig. Although worryingly tickets haven't arrived yet. No pressure Dave but we have found a babysitter for our 5 kids and this is our first night out forever.......ha ha. Love the podcast (and Flickr) btw Cheers!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Brilliant night in Notts Dave. Loved it thanks. Hope the rest of the tour goes well.

Andy G said...

Looking forward to the Bradford show tonight Dave. Hope it's all going well for you.

Barryhn said...

Nottingham show was an absolute blast, I haven't laughed that hard in a long long time. Thank you for a fantastic night Dave :) I was sat right at the very back, and had to stop myself from sliding out of my seat laughing on several occasions.

now - a random question - what was the name of the album that was playing while the audience were getting settled in - because I loved it :).

Rachael Longstaff said...


Me and my boyfriend are coming from Middlesbrough to see you on 7th March at Newcastle, and cant wait!! Ive had the tickets booked since july! Amazingly, talented and bubbly lad!! Keep up the good work.
Rachael and Paul

Dave Gorman said...

Thanks for the kind words.

@barefoot wanderer... it wasn't from one album but it was all from the same band. Misty's Big Adventure. They're ace.

Barryhn said...

Thanks a lot :) I'll look them up. Hope the tour continues to go well :) anyone still waiting for theirt gig is in for a treat ^^

Richard said...

Dave, saw you last year in High Wycombe, which was fantastic. And I would urge any fan to attend the current tour, without wishing to say anything more.

Accordingly bought tickets for relatives in front row for high wycombe, who cannot attend now due to work commitments.

Have you considered an area where fans (individuals rather han companies) can liase to sell on tickets, or would you advocate using an online medium? By 'medium' I don't mean Mystic Meg type personages.

Hannah said...

Awesome last night @ Hammersmit-Appolicus :D