Sunday, March 13, 2011

Suited, Not Booted... for Comic Relief.

This picture is here for a reason. It's not to announce that I'm pregnant although you could be forgiven for thinking it is.

It's a shot taken by the renowned photographer Richard Cannon of me wearing an Ozwald Boateng suit. The suit has been worn by lots of comics... and Richard has photographed each of us doing different things while wearing it. (At least I assume we all do different things. It would be weird if we were all jumping off a plinth in Golden Square.)

Anyway... after doing the photo shoot I was given a marker pen and I signed on the inside of the jacket and everyone else who's taken part has done the same.

Stephen Merchant, Hugh Dennis, David Baddiel, Andi Osho, Al Murray, Frank Skinner, Stephen K. Amos, Rhod Gilbert, Shappi Khorshandi, Rufus Hound, Scott Capurro and loads of others (25 in total) have all taken part.

And now the suit is up for auction on ebay. With all the proceeds going to Comic Relief. As well as the suit, the winning bid will also get a large colour print showing all the photos and a portrait session with Richard Cannon...

If you want to bid... the auction is here.


Anonymous said...

I bet it's minging by now Dave :)


Anonymous said...

Hope it wasn't permanent marker or you guys will have an Ebay dispute on your hands when it doesn't wash out.
Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo Dave for doing your bit. Though i have to say.....holy round gut Batman! Has your cycling hit the buffers Dave? If so i know the feeling over the last few months. But the nice weather is now returning so bye gut. Or maybe its just the shadow.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea Richard Cannon to raise money for charity. Good Luck ..
Steve Bishop in Potters Bar

Dave Gorman said...

Re:"holy-round-gut-Batman"... I've been incredibly sedentary of late. Too much desk work. I always put on weight when I'm writing a book. But it's nearly done and the weight will hopefully disappear when I get to be more active on the other side. I hope so. It might not. I'm 40 now. Fingers crossed.

Paul said...

writing a book?