Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thanks Folkestone

The Quarterhouse in Folkestone turns out to be a lovely venue and a great place for my first three previews. Doing a new show for the first time is an exciting and nerve-racking leap in the dark. The audience treated me gently and it was fun.

I like doing previews back to back like this... it becomes a sort of bootcamp. You do the show then spend the day changing it, then do it, then change it and so on. So it was three days of 8hrs cooped up in a hotel room powerpointing - yes, that is a verb - followed by a show each evening.

While the core material in each show was the same I did throw in a small amount of different stuff from night to night. But more usefully the order, the structure and some of the way in which it was put on screen were changed and I learned a whole lot about what belongs where. So thanks to all who came.

I was staying in Sandgate and went for a brief stroll on Wednesday morning - the only time I really saw anything of the area - and where I saw this sign...

I was only there for three days.

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Pete said...

Poor Dave was a female dolphin. It used to swim off the coast of Sandgate until a drunk man swam out to it naked one night and sexually abused it. If you google the story it'll be online somewhere.

Yes, Dave was a female dolphin. If that story couldn't be any weirder.

Thanks for coming to Folklahoma. Looking forward to you coming again.