Friday, August 24, 2007

Charm Offensive

Another crack in my "sorry, I'm not available, I'm writing a book" armour has been found. I was a guest on Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive yesterday. The show will be broadcast on Radio 4 at 6.30 this afternoon and then in its special 18-hours-less-topical format, it will be repeated tomorrow at 12.30.

The other guests were Jo Brand and Will Smith which makes for about as polite and civilised a bunch of comics as you could really hope for. It was one of those lovely recordings where it didn't feel like work at all, just an evening spent in good company being silly.

At one point I found myself ranting about daytime telly, making mention of the Car Booty episode I discussed here a few days ago and the use of music in Homes Under The Hammer too. Thoughts that were only crystallised because I'd written about them here basically. Which is an interesting side effect to blogging that I hadn't foreseen. Whether it will make the edit or not I don't know. Nor does it really matter... it's just interesting (to me) to discover that thoughts that would previously have floated through my brain unchecked were instead digested and turned into something vaguely useful because of this outlet. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

You're just one big Radio 4 whore.

Anonymous said...

good to see you're still alive Dave!!

Dan said...

Isn't that exactly why Richard Herring started writing his (not-a)-blog?

Anonymous said...

i am feeling dog sick today . i caught the flu type virus my dad is almost recovered from .
i found the charm offensive show as a friend of mine had mentioned it ( i did'nt know you were on it ) i can;t laugh as my throat is too sore but i smiled a lot .
thanks for brightening up my rather sick morning :-)
in case you are wondering why i am at my computer i needed to get out of my room after 12 hours lying in bed !

Anonymous said...

'Shaving the environment' :D

Marvellous, sir, just marvellous.

Flick x

Larry Teabag said...

I know exactly what you mean. I recently researched a blog-post about organic agriculture. The next day one of my punters was moaning that his crack was double last week's price, and I was able to spin him a yarn about how Andean coca-farmers had taken to using guano in place of chemical fertilizers, and that's what had pushed up the global price. Thank you blogging!