Monday, September 17, 2007

Quality Foods

I haven't been going anywhere or doing anything except working on the book for a while but then this weekend I've had a couple of belters. On Friday I went to see a recording of Lab Rats - a new sitcom written by the estimable Messrs Chris Addison and Carl Cooper and starring the aforementioned Chris Addison and some other people. It's dead good. They're recording on Friday nights for a little while and you can get free tickets here.

Quality Foods, originally uploaded by Dave Gorman.

This was followed by a lovely night at Hell's Kitchen on Saturday. The food was good (fab mussel soup/slightly dry fish cake/sherry trifle better than the one my auntie Peg used to make at Christmas) but the secret ingredients that made it a really good night out were:
a) my Dad
b) surprise.

The old fella was visiting London for the weekend and staying with yours truly so I thought it would be fun to take him there and even more fun to not tell him where we were going. I was right.

They film it at Three Mills studio. I think three mills is one of London's lovely little hidden gems but you approach it by taking a dark and dingy lane through a dark and dingy industrial estate and you definitely don't feel like you are on the way to any kind of fine dining experience.

How many times are you going to sit down for dinner with your Dad and have a conversation that legitimately includes the phrase, "Crikey, I see Andi Peters has been working out!"?

Not often, I'll wager. And he has, you know. It's like seeing Andi Peter's head attached to someone else's body. Tickled by life. Very, very tickled.


Olly said...

You were so tickled, perhaps, that you created a specific andi peters blogtag. Are you optimistic you'll see him again and be motivated to write about his physique?

Unknown said...

I was always a fan of Andi Peters.... children's TV was never the same after he and Phillip Schofield left to be grown-ups.

I wonder what he said about you?

Dave Gorman said...

I very much doubt that AP would know who I am or feel the need to pass comment. On the off-chance that he is aware of my existence I suppose he might have mumbled, "Oof... he could do with joining a gym!"

Leakster said...

I was gutted that the one episode of Hells Kitchen I didn't bother watching was the one that featured Mr Gorman in a cameo :(
Andi Peters (I'm not Andi Peters I just thought I'd put Andi Peter there because I like typing his name, Andi Peters)

Anonymous said...

I also like typing Andi's name.

Andi Peters' name.
Andi Peters.


Matt said...

American Hells Kitchen is where it's at. Despite not featuring any Mr D. Gorman's (as far as I'm aware) it does feature a completely ballistic Gordon Ramsey- much more so than he ever was in the UK version. He screams things like 'you fucking donkey' right into peoples faces - it's hilarious!

It would of course be improved by the appearance of a ripped Andi Peters though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm not reading around the subject enough, but what's this new book? Is it Hugh's Hue at long last? I love that idea. Although the 'swimming to the deepest depths', etc stuff sounds a bit iffy.