Thursday, November 5, 2009


As I've mentioned previously, we asked listeners if they would like to send us a jingle for the Absolute Radio show I do on Sunday mornings... and we've had a great response.

I wasn't sure how to host audio here, so I've used a couple of still photos and turned them into videos instead... here's a lovely one from Andrew Pugsley...

A really, really short one from Tom White that we've used loads and still makes us giggle...

... and finally, a lovely short and silly one from MJ Hibbett

We're always looking for more so do feel free to do one in your own style and send it our way. I ought to say, we have played several that aren't as, um, professionally produced as these so don't let that put you off.

If you can record a jingle and send it in... you can do so, here.

Oh... and if you use iTunes, you can subscribe to the podcast here and if you don't, you can get it from the Absolute Radio website, here.


Jay said...

Hi Dave
Sorry, This has nothing at all to do with the jingle post, but I couldn't think how else to contact you directly.
I remember your blog posts about Polaroid cameras, and how much you like them. When retrieving stuff from my parents' loft I found the Polaroid camera I got when I was about 13 (so 1982). It is complete with its original camera bag and instructions.
I have no use for it and wondered if you'd like to have it? I'd rather give it to an enthusiast than bin it or eBay it.
We're all enjoying the radio show and the jingles at our house. Top stuff!

Radio Ads said...

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